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Opened: 11-10-13

Hi, there’s a few confessions that i sadly don’t have time to do right now. I’m quite busy these days with practicing for exams and stuff.

coming up week no i won’t be able to do anything for sure and i’d ask you guys who have a lot of interest in sistar to consider helping me with this blog for some time.

I’d love people’s help! ^u^

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Free KBS LA K-Pop Festival


We are KPOP DREAMS, an organization dedicated to helping Kpop fans achieve their dreams! On April 12th, KBS is hosting a Free Kpop Festival in Los Angeles featuring SHINee, Infinite, 2PM, Dynamic Duo, Girl’s Day, Sistar, CNBLUE, and more! Additional information on the concert can be found on the official Facebook event:

We are looking into providing a bus service from San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas that takes fans from their city directly to the concert. We are also planning a hotel package for out-of-city fans looking for a place to stay.

Please help us by promoting these two services so that we can get fans safely to the concert! People interested in our hotel package should fill out this form (, while those interested in our bus service should fill out this form (

If your organization would like to help with organizing your members, please do drop us a line at “”.

Thank you!

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